The Way - Youth Ministry

At Stewartville UMC, we believe that our youth are incredible!  We are passionate about supporting the young people in our church and community.  Join as we grow together in faith,  serve others and nurture our own spiritual journeys.

  • Confirmation

    Grades 7-8

    Confirmation at SUMC is a two-year program, and includes WORSHIP, LESSONS, SERVICE, MENTORS, and RETREATS.

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  • Senior high youth GrouP

    Grades 9-12

    Open to 9th through 12th grade students, Senior High Youth Group is a place to LOVE, GROW and SERVE.  We love God, our planet, others, and ourselves, We grow in faith through lessons, worship, activities and projects, and we serve others in our church and community.

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  • Service to others

    Serving others is a major component of the Youth Ministry Program at SUMC.  Sharing God's love with our neighbors through service projects connects us to each other and our community.